About ‘Adoption Currents’

Adoption Currents is the blog from the creative folks at MyAdoptedChild.com and features the Adoption Poems and Adoption Art that forms the basis of our Adoption Certificates and Stationery.

Adoption is a legal term that defines an emotional journey. It is expensive and emotionally exhausting. And the ripples from an adoption last for generations. No one does this on a whim.

Those cutesy-wootsy “My Adoption Journey” mommy blogs you read? They are the ‘before.’ This my dear, is the ‘after.’ You’ve signed the papers and brought your child home. Now you’re gonna sing a little “After the Airport Blues.” Both the high notes and the lows.

Welcome to some truths about adoption… welcome to Adoption Currents. Poetry and Word Songs on parenting and loving children; being a parent and loving yourself, and ageing out… the adoptions that weren’t.